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To any of you finding this page by search hoping to find UK relevant iOS dev info.  Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances (and, as noted previously, I work full time) I have simply had no spare time to actively pursue my iOS dreams at the moment.   It sounded such a great idea too… sigh.

Maybe later in the year, the next few months are a non-starter for definite, due to impending house move.

Good luck in finding better info elsewhere 😉


Been a while…

Happy 2011 everyone!

Top Tip –  Never decide to sell your house just after starting to learn something that requires time and concentration dedicated to it. Particularly if your house needs a fair bit of DIY and general maintenance to get it up to being marketable.

Oh well, learning Objective-C has been totally sidelined for months now.  I still harbour the ideas, just the time has not really been available to me <sigh>


In other thoughts, I’m quite surprised at the steady trickle of blog views, primarily via links to my ‘Google Buckyballs’ power drain post, also I note a few referrals from people searching on IOS SOLE TRADER etc (Hello, if that’s you –  I should have really had a wealth of HMRC related info for you to read by now, sorry).

The Buckyballs thing was quite an interesting social experiment, as I merely happened to write a ‘local’ sad post about Google, expecting it to get a handful of views view Google search, but I then Tweeted a reply with link to Jack Schofield (ex-The Guardian) after he mentioned similar, later that same day.

It was certainly interesting to see the relative explosion of hits to this blog – it went from 1 or 2 per week (hey, I prefer to think of myself as undiscovered, OK? ^-^) to about 2500 in three days, with a steady trickle thereafter.  It was also interesting to read Jack’s blog post that linked to me as, frankly, it illustrated perfectly to me the difference between geek and journalist after a story (albeit, a blog post in Jack’s case).   I guess what I felt was that I’d made a relatively subtle short comment on corporate responsibility, that got turned into an “Look at my post!!!  Google are killing the earth!!!11!!” effort (thankfully, the commenters hit Jack’s blog post, not mine).

Anyway, Happy 2011, again. Hopefully I will soon return with stories of iOS struggles for you 😉


The Earth sheds a tear for Google’s ‘Buckyball’

Well done Google!

The animated Buckyball logo on your homepage today certainly looks lovely.

But, on my Mac Mini, Google Chrome Renderer goes from 0.3 to 57% CPU utilisation.  To put that in further context, my household electricity monitor goes up around 15-20 watts while the Google homepage is open, dropping by that amount when I go to another page.

I realise the hypocrisy, of course – I’ve probably used that amount of extra electricity in elapsed time while blogging this. So we’re all evil, OK?

However, I’m merely an individual user and not a vast, sprawling .com empire whose homepage is probably the homepage on millions of computers, not to mention in daily use by pretty much everyone online.

Yet more shiny gadgets from Cupertino

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

At the risk of being branded an Apple fanboy/zealot, I must say that yesterday’s ‘music’ event announcements are pretty cool.  OK, the iPod Touch is no surprise, being essentially an iPhone 4 sans phone, as widely predicted, but – wow – doesn’t the Nano look incredibly cute?   And before anyone does cry “OMG!! ZEALOT!!”, my wife also cooed over it, but in particular about it using Multi-Touch and Voiceover, and has the Shuffle-style clip, as this makes things much easier for her to use (she’s visually impaired) than, say, her current 2nd generation Shuffle or the 1st gen Nano she once owned.

I’m a bit hmmm about the Ping concept, but time will tell, I guess.

Glad to hear iOS 4.2 will be out in November as, I don’t know about you, but having iOS 4 on my 3Gs makes the iPad seem very cumbersome in use.   By the way – Apple, if you are reading this – the Canon MP620 is a very popular Wireless printer, albeit an older model now, but works great for me.  I will not be a happy camper to find that ‘wireless printing’ in 4.2 reads ‘wireless printing*’ with the classic small-print disclaimer – subject to you owning the manufacturer’s latest and greatest printer 😉

Finally, back to the Touch. I predict FaceTime will explode (minds out of the gutter, please) amongst the “Mummy and Daddy aren’t so rich/aren’t so stupid to give me an iPhone” teenagers this Christmas.  In general, it’s great that Apple mirror the Touch product features with iPhone (and certainly, it’s great for iOS developers since an 8GB Touch is significantly more affordable as a gift, so almost guaranteeing a healthy extra income stream for App Store sales).   I guess this iteration of the Touch will be the one with record-breaking sales.   I would be interested to see statistics on how much Apple makes from developers in sales of all the (now) numerous Apple hardware that is required to effectively develop for iOS now though….

Still Waiting…

Thanks, Mr. eBay Seller, for not yet delivering my Programming in Objective-C 2.0 book.  Still, that’ll teach me to buy off eBay just to save a couple of £ over Amazon 😉

It begins…

Just ordered Stephen G. Kochan’s “Programming in Objective-C 2.0 Second Edition” to help get the iOS development ball properly rolling, as I feel bad about using the ‘borrowed from a friend’ copy. I thought of getting this in e-book form, however, from experience, although the iPad is a lovely gadget, I miss the flexibility of flipping back a few pages to very quickly confirm something (and GoodReader is very good, but obviously can’t get past that inflexibility of a PDF – OK, it can but, for me, that is definitely a scenario where paper wins).

Anyway, I’m a few chapters in on the borrowed copy, and going OK so far! (again, getting the time is proving tricky, but I’m persevering).

Ginger Ninja :-)

Ginger Warfare? Huh? What’s in a name, I guess.

This one is just a silly reference that a work colleague of mine came up with when I mentioned to him initially about dipping my toe in the iPhone developer ocean.  As he is a cheeky b—lessed soul, he ‘helpfully’ put forward Ginger Warfare as a title for my debut app. Possibly something to do with being Ginger (in fact, ginger and left-handed, so I’m a double minority ;-)) Something stuck though, when I was looking for a suitable name to go by in blogging/Twitter circles and also for reserving a couple of website domains for future use.

I should clarify that I’m actually 40, so ‘ginger’ is rapidly becoming a past-tense 🙂  Oh well, could be worse, could be going bald too.  Oh, wait….