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Ginger Ninja :-)

August 19, 2010

Ginger Warfare? Huh? What’s in a name, I guess.

This one is just a silly reference that a work colleague of mine came up with when I mentioned to him initially about dipping my toe in the iPhone developer ocean.  As he is a cheeky b—lessed soul, he ‘helpfully’ put forward Ginger Warfare as a title for my debut app. Possibly something to do with being Ginger (in fact, ginger and left-handed, so I’m a double minority ;-)) Something stuck though, when I was looking for a suitable name to go by in blogging/Twitter circles and also for reserving a couple of website domains for future use.

I should clarify that I’m actually 40, so ‘ginger’ is rapidly becoming a past-tense 🙂  Oh well, could be worse, could be going bald too.  Oh, wait….


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