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Been a while…

January 27, 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!

Top Tip –  Never decide to sell your house just after starting to learn something that requires time and concentration dedicated to it. Particularly if your house needs a fair bit of DIY and general maintenance to get it up to being marketable.

Oh well, learning Objective-C has been totally sidelined for months now.  I still harbour the ideas, just the time has not really been available to me <sigh>


In other thoughts, I’m quite surprised at the steady trickle of blog views, primarily via links to my ‘Google Buckyballs’ power drain post, also I note a few referrals from people searching on IOS SOLE TRADER etc (Hello, if that’s you –  I should have really had a wealth of HMRC related info for you to read by now, sorry).

The Buckyballs thing was quite an interesting social experiment, as I merely happened to write a ‘local’ sad post about Google, expecting it to get a handful of views view Google search, but I then Tweeted a reply with link to Jack Schofield (ex-The Guardian) after he mentioned similar, later that same day.

It was certainly interesting to see the relative explosion of hits to this blog – it went from 1 or 2 per week (hey, I prefer to think of myself as undiscovered, OK? ^-^) to about 2500 in three days, with a steady trickle thereafter.  It was also interesting to read Jack’s blog post that linked to me as, frankly, it illustrated perfectly to me the difference between geek and journalist after a story (albeit, a blog post in Jack’s case).   I guess what I felt was that I’d made a relatively subtle short comment on corporate responsibility, that got turned into an “Look at my post!!!  Google are killing the earth!!!11!!” effort (thankfully, the commenters hit Jack’s blog post, not mine).

Anyway, Happy 2011, again. Hopefully I will soon return with stories of iOS struggles for you 😉



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