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Considering the Business side of iOS Development

Well, I’m in a slightly confused state.  I had read that when you register in the iPhone Developer Program, you were asked for company registration details and the question mark was over if, in the UK, you flagged yourself up to HMRC as being a Sole Trader (effectively, self-employed), was whatever information you got back from HMRC enough to satisfy Apple?

But, of course, I’m now looking and see that there’s not just the one blanket $99/£59 individual program, but the individual program and company program, the former appearing to just need your credit card details when registering but your own name appears as publisher in the App Store, whereas to have it appear with a company name, you select the company program but then you do have to provide corporate registration details.

Now, I was thinking (possibly incorrectly) that because it seems you can declare yourself a Sole Trader with HMRC, then you can have a company name on that basis even though it’s not a proper ‘registered with companies house’ name that you would have if you were setting up a Limited company.

I need to research more on this, as I want to have my tax affairs in order up front with HMRC but (like many new start part-time iOS devs, I presume) I’m not willing to go down the Limited company route when this venture is a side-line/extra income earner, and I have no intention of quitting my day-job.

Basically, I want to declare as a Sole Trader status with HMRC so I get a tax return to complete, but also have a company name displayed in the App Store, and am now wondering if the two are mutually incompatible.

Not helped by the Apple info being (obviously) US-centric.

I’m also wondering if the individual program is like a ‘you manage your own tax via your personal tax return’ where you don’t actually need to declare yourself as self-employed at all with HMRC (but obviously still have to tell them about your extra untaxed income – if any – from the App Store!)

More reading required 🙂


Fed up

Well, I guess I’ve not exactly got off to the best start.  It’s been really difficult to get motivated and start doing proper study of Objective C.  I guess part of the problem is lack of a good book (need to sort that ASAP) but mainly it’s trying to get a consistent ‘slot’ each day to study.  I guess juggling a full-time job when you have a 3 year old and you are up at 5.30am every day means it’s trickier than if you were a 20 year old Uni student on summer break…

Frankly, I’d better pull my finger out.

Yes, I’m a glass-half-empty kind of person 🙂

In my defence, apart from a brief short course via the Open University, I’m a bit rusty on the studying mindset. Oh well, finger = finger minus 1 😉

Oh and One More Thing…

I really am a n00b to ‘proper’ app development, having chosen the support path for my 20 year (and counting!) IT career (yes, I can rustle up stuff in VBScript, LotusScript, DOS Batch and XML, but that’s not really the same). This venture into apps is very much a part-time job, in a bid to top up the household income and hopefully ease the bite of a global recession slightly.

I really am quite realistic though – even before I had my suspicions confirmed by reading the excellent iPhone Dev SDK forum, I had guessed the chance of ‘making the big time’ in the App Store is very very VERY low (did I mention it was LOW?) Still, it’s always something new to learn, and I’m mildly optimistic on my chances of at least making a few £ ( even if that turns out to be literally true 😉 )

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Welcome to the Ginger Warfare blog! I am an independent would-be-developer-in-training for Apple iOS devices, particularly interested in developing for iPad. As my Twitter bio says: “iOS developer in training, like Luke Skywalker on Dagobah, only more Ginger… And less Yoda” 😉

You can follow me @gingerwarfare or feel free to drop a comment below. Hopefully, I’ll look back on these baby steps into the blogging world and laugh as it charts my path to iOS Superstardom, rather than look back with a tear in my eyes at the ghost of Christmas-past 😉